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The Marriage of Opposites - Alice Hoffman Review of an ARC Copy

I had been waiting for this book impatiently so as soon as I got hold of it, I stopped all other readings and immersed myself into it. Immersed is really the right word, because I did not look up until I had read the last word. And I was not disappointed. Again, Alice Hoffman delivers a jewel of a book !!!! She really is the queen of magical realism, and with "The Marriage of Opposites" she outdid herself, but if you have read her other novels (I did, all of them), you will also find that she has perfectionned her writing style and while magic is still present, it's presence is now much more subtle and the characters motives and actions are described with deeper scrutinity. Alice Hoffman has found in "The Marriage of Opposites" the perfect balance and she delivers an enchanting yet profound novel, reminiscent of impressionist paintings (the main protagonist was Camille Pissaro's mother), with an apparent chiseled structure and subtle color touches.